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About Cambridge Peptides

Cambridge Peptides is a privately held company, headquartered in the UK. We are global supplier of custom synthetic peptides and associated analytical services. Our customers are universities, research institutes, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies throughout, Europe, the United States, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Unlike other companies, our sole focus is on excellence and efficiency in the field of solid-phase peptide synthesis and associated analytical techniques. The benefit for our customers of this focus is an assurance of a genuinely world-class service, with all staff being expert in the field and able to use their deep technical knowledge to assist customers in whatever ways they need.


Chief Executive Officer - George Masih, BSc, PhD

George Masih is an authority on peptide technologies as applied to the areas of drug discovery and vaccine development. Prior to taking up his role at Cambridge Peptides, George was most recently at Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT) where he was responsible for the Peptide Chemistry department. He joined CAT shortly after its IPO with a mission to create a high-capacity peptide synthesis facility to supply peptide reagents both internally at CAT, and also to CAT's pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners. Making extensive use of innovative laboratory automation and informatics, George rapidly grew the peptide chemistry capability at CAT to be one of the largest and most efficient manufacturers of peptides in Europe. As a member of multi-disciplinary project teams, he also played a key role in genomics and drug discovery programmes at the company. Prior to joining CAT, George held positions at a number of companies providing peptide and nucleic acid related services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. George holds a PhD in Chemistry in the area of peptide-based drug discovery.