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Peptide Arrays and Microarrays

Our proprietary CoScan™ technology makes it affordable to produce arrays of peptides for a variety of tasks. This includes epitope mapping antibodies, T-Cell Receptors, and other protein-like binding molecules. CoScan arrays are also generally useful in screening of binding specific peptide molecules; for example for identifying phosphospecific binding molecules.

CoScan arrays are produced in an easy-to-use formats, with the content custom-created for your chosen sequences. You choose the number of peptides in your array(s) - typically, this will be between 12 and 192 peptides (but larger arrays are no problem) - and the sequence of each peptide. We can supply the peptides arrayed in master plates, so that you can print your own arrays. Or we can print the microarrays for you onto ready-to-use glass slides that are compatible with most imaging systems on the market. We can also orient the peptides on the arrays, and include spacers, according to your precise needs.